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Stemme Engine Overhaul

US MotorGlider has been selected as the Exclusive "STEMME Authorized Engine Overhaul Facility" for North America. Also serving Central & South America.

    STEMME S12 & S10-VT Rotax 914 F2/S1 Overhaul

    US MotorGlider is proud to collaborate with Rotech Motor Ltd. "Rotech" on the overhaul of "Stemme/Rotax 914 F2/S1" engines or on new engine conversions. Rotech is the only Rotax Factory Authorized, certified engine overhaul facility for North, Central and South America. Other certified Rotax overhaul facilities for these territories are then authorized under Rotech Motor Ltd. This means we are working directly with the highest tier certified Rotax facility in the America's. In addition to Rotech's extensive experience, association with the factory and exemplary reputation we at US MotorGlider consider Rotech to be the premier service experts in the world on the 912 & 914 series engines. Rotech shall perform the 914 F2 portion of the overhaul and US MotorGlider shall complete the "STEMME Overhaul" or conversion of a new 914 F2 to the STEMME "/S1" variant (914 F2/S1) and perform final engine setup, testing and installation. We are confident that this collaboration between US MotorGlider and Rotech Motor Ltd. will provide you the customer with the highest level of quality, expertise and support available anywhere for your STEMME engine overhaul or new engine installation.

Jan 20, 2012
SI A91-2011-001 Stemme S10-VT Engine Overhaul SI 914 F2/S1